Earthquake Early Warning Wherever Its Needed


What We Do

Earthquakes are devastating because it comes as a surprise. At SeismicAI, we provide stellar services for Earthquake Early Warning (EEW).

We avail our customers with seismic gears, guidance and follow-up maintenance, that will perpetually keep them prepared and secured.


With a complex grid of high power seismic stations connected together and deployed over verified faults, we will monitor and detect earthquake signals close to the source. Our system is intelligently configured to relay the information as an alert to mobile apps, alert units, automation units and command and control systems.


We also provide first class seismic notification (alerts) services to small regions in a way that optimizes the lead time for the region. 

Shake Maps

Dedicated seismic units installed throughout a given region can provide a map showing the seismic sensitive areas. Our system can come up with a comprehensive shake map for your area or region by means of these seismic units.


How We Do It?

At SeismicAI, we pride ourselves in being thorough and skilled. Our activities are carried out seamlessly to give you the much-needed assurance of a working detection and notification system. Through the years, our approach has been tested, examined and improved upon, all the while we have maintained our promise of topnotch deliveries aimed at peak customer satisfaction.

Here is how we work our magic:

Collocated Seismic Detection Technologies

This features real-time integration of different types of sensors to obtain a reliable and precise result. It works by allowing a detection of more frequent weak quakes and uses them to tune-up the system.

Machine Learning

You may find it interesting to know that our systems learn more while on the job. They employ the information gotten from the sensors as training data for ML and AI algorithms which ultimately improve the system’s ability to predict accurately, the magnitude of the earthquake and its corresponding epicenter.

Extremely Low Latency

Processing bottlenecks are expected in case of a real earthquake event and may result in loss of time. When an actual earthquake occurs, processing bottlenecks in such moments could be fatal as it would lead to a loss of precious time. This can be avoided by giving over the heavy real time processing to the seismic endpoints.

Academy Support

We go further – Our systems are constantly being observed and monitored by our world class seismologists. They are deployed to constantly seek ways of optimizing the operation of the system in terms of its speed, accuracy and all-round efficiency. Any upgrades and improvements are made in our real time lab and can easily be rolled across our string of networks.


Why SeismicAi

The principal reason why we’d recommend our services to you and to anyone is because at SeismicAI, we are not just a crew of engineers, technicians, career professionals and businessmen. We are a team of persons who are after your good and excellent welfare. 



We have seen first-hand the impact of poor preparation, insufficient established provisions and sub-par technical performance in the advent of earthquakes. We believe that with the right foresight, a lot of the damage and loss that happens can be avoided. 



Knowing this and more makes us very peculiar about our service and clients.


An extra point is the fact that SeismicAI and its allied technologies, tops the tier for seismic services.  This is because we are:


By providing our users with the most lead time before the quake hits, we easily outperform other EEWS around, both local and regional.


Our platform was carefully designed to eliminate occasions of false alarms. With the help of our novel technologies and unique strategies, we have dramatically minimized false alarms – again, this bests other solutions in the market. 


Our systems have platforms that are encrypted using state-of-the-art technology and supreme authentication algorithms. This was put in place to ensure that the systems that are connected to the device are superbly shielded from malicious hacking attacks. 


Our Team

Amir Diner

Over 15 years of experience in the field of sales and business development, especially with large organizations and cellular companies.

Benny Sasson

Over 20 years of experience, specializing in the design and development of large-scale systems, as well as the establishment and management of development entities.

Prof. Alon Ziv
Chief Scientist

One of the world leaders in real-time earthquake seismology, Alon and his research group at the Tel Aviv University developed the seismic algorithms we use.

Dr. Habib J. Nasser

Physics lecturer. Started working on the idea in 2009 and founded the company in 2014. Dr. Habib is focused on research and new technologies.

Maj.-Gen. Eyal Eizenberg
Board Member

Former CO of Israel‘s Home Front Command, a series of front-line infantry and special forces units.


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